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Teeth Stain And The Foods That Can Cause It

There are foods that ought to be avoided when it comes to maintaining healthy white teeth. There are even foods and beverages that can erode the enamel as much as any other food containing natural acid. Here is all of the foods and beverages that can stain the teeth and should be consumed appropriately: 1) […]

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Top 5 Causes of Teeth Staining

We all are gifted with dazzling teeth till they become stained and start discoloring with increasing age or excessive use of nicotine and caffeine. The outermost covering of teeth, enamel, protects our teeth from various trauma and acid attacks due to the effects of different foods. But the enamel gradually starts decaying, contributing to the […]

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Teeth Whitening – The Causes Of Teeth Staining

No matter how fastidious a person is, the teeth will always change its appearance and color. The youthful glow and sparkle of young teeth will in time lost its sheen as the enamel starts developing tiny cracks that will eventually lose the crystalline rods in the tooth, thinning the enamel making the teeth more transparent […]

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