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Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Unlike temporary teeth which are shiny, very white and very clean looking, the permanent teeth that follow once the deciduous teeth are lost are usually less porous. Because of this, permanent teeth come in varying shades from white to off-white and sometimes to yellowish. It could shade darker as the person grows older, perfectly normal. […]

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Professional Laser Teeth Whitening Services Dissected

Having yellow teeth is no longer a problem, well at least according to many dental practitioners. There are a number of professional cleaning and teeth whitening services, and it’s now easy for you to change from that person with yellow teeth to that person with shiny white set of teeth. The services will vary to […]

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Learn Your Teeth Whitening Options: From Professional Services To DIY Kits

So you have a low self-esteem right now no thanks to yellowish set of teeth. That’s tough, especially if you are the kind of person who puts a premium on the way you look and the way people look at you. But this should not be the end of the world for you. There are […]

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